Mobile and portable devices
Cell Phone - Tablet - Notebook

Do-It-Yourself workstations and server
Workstation - Servers

Linux Distributions

The oldest linux distribution, yet fast and simple
Slackware turned 20 Years - in 2013!

No bloat, no one-fits-all-attitude and NO SystemD
current changelog ( ISO) and user forum

Slackware distribution - software builds and the alien directories.

CentOS Linux
Enterprise grade linux distribution with lots of hardware (e.g HP)
and software (e.g. SAP, Oracle) certifications.

Redhat Enterprise Linux or one of its free pendant CentOS ( Archiv)

Open source offices

LibreOffice is open, for free and fully functional

Choose your version - still - fresh - develop

Free Blue-Ray

The last frontier ... playing blue-ray discs on Linux.

Got the blue-ray content on your disk - play it with vlc THE generic player for linux